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As a licensed wedding officiant in the state of Hawaii, Rebecca is qualified to perform legally-recognized weddings of all kinds, regardless of gender or religion. Civil unions, vow renewals, traditional or non-traditional ceremonies, spiritual, Christian, Zen, Celtic, inter-faith, she will perform whatever type of ceremony the couple prefers, wherever they wish. Weddings are often held outdoors, on a beach or in a garden, taking advantage of Hawaii's glorious weather, landscape, seascape, and rainbows. She works with the couple to create a memorable, personalized, meaningful ceremony to fit their needs and wishes, incorporating Hawaiian wedding traditions where appropriate.


Transitioning to a new home or business should be cause for celebration, yet the process of moving usually creates major stress. If the move involves down-sizing (voluntary or involuntary), there may be mixed emotions and additional stress. A Blessing Ceremony sets the tone for a smoother transition and a fresh start in new surroundings. Blessings are also performed at the beginning of a new year, to mark an anniversary or other significant event, or in the aftermath of an unfortunate event to clear out the negative and welcome a new beginning.

Graduations + Promotions

Graduation is a time of celebration that recognizes the accomplishments of the graduate and launches them into their future. It is not just an end, but also a beginning. Whether it's a graduation from an academic institution, vocational training, or job promotion, Rebecca will craft and perform a personalized ceremony that recognizes and honors the individual a well as the entire family and circle of loved ones who have been part of their journey. For recent high school graduates going away to college, a special blessing provides an opportunity to say goodbye, wish them well, offer wise counsel, remind them of your ongoing support and love even from afar, and officially launch the graduates into a (hopefully) bright and successful future. 

Adoptions+ Family Blending

Adopting a child is often a long, stressful process. If the child is no longer an infant, society generally has no special ceremony or event (christening, baby luau, baby dedication) to commemorate the occasion and celebrate this momentous family event. Rebecca offers a special ceremony to celebrate adoption and welcome the child into the family and wider community. She works with the family (or families) to design a meaningful ceremony that honors the child's heritage and reflects the heart of the occasion, the child, the siblings, and the entire extended families.

Divorce~ with Dignity

Okay, this may not seem like cause for celebration, much less a ceremony. But it can be a healthy way to transition from couple-hood to singlehood. The purpose of the ceremony: To declare your new "status" to friends and family, request that they treat you and your ex (and your children) with compassion, respect your decision to separate, avoid the urge to offer advice or assign blame, and not take sides. This is not a time to rehash grievances, open old wounds, or flaunt a new sweetheart. A simple, dignified ceremony offers this opportunity while offering friends and family a chance to show their love and support. It may even quench gossip!


All relationships can be fragile, whether in the family, the workplace, church, school, or among friends. Disagreements, unfair treatment, misunderstandings, and betrayal inflict deep wounds that often linger and fester for a long time. Yet miracles still happen. People can change their attitude and behavior, eventually letting go of (or accepting) blame and its accompanying pain. Apology and forgiveness allow all parties to heal and move forward with understanding and grace, committing to the greater good of all concerned. A simple ceremony publicly honors this change of heart and choice to forgive and heal. It also offers friends and family an opportunity to extend their love, support, and forgiveness.


No longer confined by a regular work schedule and the demands of a career, retirement marks the beginning of a life of new choices and opportunities for many people. For some the transition is a welcome relief, yet for others it can feel like life is unraveling. With more freedom and flexibility, less structured routine, and sometimes the loss of a support system or even one's identity, retirement is more of a process than an event. However, when one's retirement is accelerated due to company downsizing or urgent family responsibilities such as caring for aging parents, an ill spouse, or grandchildren, the transition often feels abrupt. Many people live decades beyond retirement and are faced with the daunting question, "What am I meant to do with the rest of my life?" A retirement celebration ceremony acknowledges the retiree's work accomplishments and reassures them of their inherent worth beyond the workplace. It also serves as a steppingstone to usher in the next chapter of the person's life, while offering colleagues, friends, and family the chance to show their support and appreciation.

Celebration of Life ~ Memorial Service

The passing of a loved one is the most difficult transition. Grieving is a process that needs to be shared. A Celebration of Life ceremony provides a way to share memories, honor the deceased, acknowledge their contribution the world and to your life, celebrate their life, and love and support each other. It's a healthy way to celebrate LIFE and move forward together, through tears and laughter.

and so much more...

Rebecca will create and conduct any kind of celebration ceremony for any life event, milestone, or transition.

Contact her to discuss your needs, wishes, and plans. It's never too early to plan ahead for a celebration ceremony! 

While Rebecca may be available to perform a ceremony on very short notice,

it's always beneficial to plan ahead whenever possible.

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