rebecca woodland, celebrant

Celebration Ceremonies Hawaii

What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is a ceremony specialist who is prepared to officiate at virtually any life event, milestone, or transition. A celebrant is a good listener. This skill is essential to creating a personalized ceremony that reflects and honors the needs, values, beliefs and wishes of the individual, couple, or family she serves. A celebrant is prepared to work with people of any cultural background and any belief (or none at all), including those for whom religious institutions do not serve their ceremonial needs or preferences.  

What does a celebrant do?

In consultation with the client(s), the celebrant creates a uniquely personalized ceremony (not from a template) to celebrate the occasion and the honoree(s). The celebrant then performs the ceremony in a manner that keeps the focus on the honoree and the life event that is being celebrated. The celebrant is prepared to provide a high level of personal attention to each client, according to the clients' needs and preferences. The celebrant never imposes a particular belief system on the client. The celebrant does not perform religious ceremonies that are specific to a particular religion and reserved by that religion to be performed solely by ordained clergy of that specific religion.

Why use a celebrant?

 For many people, a celebrant serves their ceremonial needs far better than a religious institution. Clergy are trained to preach. Celebrants are trained to celebrate through ritual and ceremony. Rituals and ceremonies provide an opportunity to acknowledge and commemorate life events, transitions, milestones, and commitments. Rituals help us heal, celebrate, and move forward in a spirit of love and hope. Historically, religious institutions and their clergy provided plenty of ritual for all kinds of life events. This is no longer the case in most of Western society. Many contemporary clergy are not trained in the art of ritual, or they simply don't have the time or inclination to offer this type of service. Interestingly, many celebrants and officiants are ordained ministers, but are not employed as clergy by any church or other religious entity. 

About  Celebrant Rebecca Woodland
Rebecca has an abundance of personal experience with all kinds of challenging life transitions, and is grateful for the lessons and steppingstones these experiences provided. Author, teacher, traveler, vegan chef, cooking therapist, ordained minister (non-denominational), and celebrant, her passions also include floral design, equal rights, jazz, learning about other cultures and traditions directly from the people, helping women and children become self-sustaining, and creating and performing celebration ceremonies. She lives in Honolulu with her husband, and enjoys sunrises and rainbows every day. Rebecca would love to hear from you!